About Us

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Our Story

We are local electrical company in the Kitsap County area, with over 60 years of experience combined between our electricians and apprentices. Our priority has always been to ensure that you are receiving top-quality services on any of your electrical needs.

To better improve our service to our clients, we believe in fostering the talent of our staff that specialize in their fields. As a result, our licensed electricians are always receiving exposure to new types of projects that reflect the never ending advancement in technology, allowing us to always offer quality solutions to our clients.



Greg has worked in electrical since 1990. After retiring, he decided he wanted to get back into the electrical trade to keep him busy and work on something he is passionate about. In his spare time, he enjoys karaoke, dancing, and hunting.

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Tom began his career as an Electrician through CITC and became a journeyman in 2019 as a Commercial Electrician. His experience has provided a multitude of projects that allowed him to travel to different cities throughout the US. As a certified Generac generator installer Tom has a well-rounded portfolio of electrical skills which also includes experience in solar power electrical. In the event of an emergency, his preferred hospital is “the one that saves me”.

Ben was born and raised in Kitsap County and joined the KBA’s Builder Grant program right out of High School. He decided to become an electrician because it was his first random response when people asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. After graduating, he realized that being an electrician was a great career opportunity and joined KBA Builder Grant Program to become a trainee at Nexus Electric.

Veronica was born and raised in Kitsap County and got into being an Electrician because of her dad who worked as a lineman for PSE. As a child, she would visit job sites with her father, which inspired her to be an Electrician. She got in touch with the KBA and began working as a trainee with Nexus Electric in January of 2022. With her outgoing personality, Veronica has become a spokesperson for Nexus Electric during marketing outreach and events. She is very interested in being athletic and loves to play basketball. 

Ben was born and raised in Kitsap County and started his career in the trades as a laborer. Ben finally decided he wanted to transition into being an Electrician, and joined the KBA’s Builder Grant Program which brought him to Nexus Electric in March of 2023. Ben enjoys sports and has even coached a baseball camp.

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Wendy started at Nexus Electric on the day it opened as the Office Administrator and Scheduler. She first learned about Nexus Electric through her husband, Willis, who works for Disney and Associates as a Framer. Wendy enjoys working alongside all the electricians but will forget things in a matter of seconds. Her bubbly personality provides clients with a positive experience from start to finish! Wendy is a cat lover and enjoys going hiking in the mountains. She is creative and will often hand-make cards for staff on their birthdays.

Our Mission Statement

At Nexus Electric our customers are the central and most important point in our business.  Our mission is to implement innovative electrical solutions for our customers, aid our community, and remain agile and lightning fast in our response.

What We Offer

As a local electrical company in Kitsap County, our electricians are adept at tackling a wide array of customer requests, anything from residential or commercial remodels to new construction and all of the other projects in between. Our services include:

If you’re ready to hire an electrician for your electrical project, big or small, we can provide you with affordable results that are meant to last. See a list of our full services currently available. 

Trust Nexus Electric with Your Electrical Needs

At Nexus Electric we want our clients to feel secure in choosing our company for their electrical projects. We pride ourselves in our work, which is reflected in the feedback we’ve received from our previous clients.