EV Charger & RV Electrical

EV Charger & RV Electrical

Whether you need an EV charger or RV electrical, our team is able to provide you with a high quality electrical installation to accommodate these needs.

Having an EV charger installed in your home saves you the time and cost involved in traveling to a public charger and waiting. Most people install an EV charging station at home and use it overnight, allowing them to fully power their electric vehicle in a much more convenient setting.

Your RV needs a 30-50 amp hook-up in order to properly charge the battery and run all of the devices in it. Adding a new dedicated circuit will not only continue to support the electrical needs of your home, but will also immediately reduce the chances of damaging your RV’s electrical system.

If you’re ready to hire an electrician for your electrical project, big or small, we can provide you with affordable results that are meant to last. See a list of our full services currently available. 

RV camper electricity hookup

Trust Nexus Electric with Your Electrical Needs

At Nexus Electric we want our clients to feel secure in choosing our company for their electrical projects. We pride ourselves in our work, which is reflected in the feedback we’ve received from our previous clients.