Fire Alarm Safety

Properly installed and maintained fire alarms are one of the best, and least expensive, means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire. Fire alarm safety helps reduce the risk of dying from a fire within your home by half. When a fire alarm needs to be maintained or replaced, they are designed to emit a warning signal to notify you.

When to Replace my Fire Alarm: 

  • Smoke alarm is turning a faint yellow color
  • Smoke alarm is chirping all of the time
  • It does not respond when you test it
  • It goes off for no reason
  • There are faulty parts that have been recalled

Why Upgrade to Hard-Wired?

DEPENDABLE: THREE out of FIVE house fires come from homes without working fire alarms, due to missing batteries. Hard-wired alarms are connected to the power supply, ensuring constant power to your fire alarm, and therefore making them more dependable than battery operated. Instead, batteries are used as a secondary power source for hard-wired fire alarms, to safeguard against losing power during outages.

EFFECTIVE: Hard-wired smoke alarms in homes are all connected and able to communicate to each other. When one smoke alarm signals a fire, it will set off the other alarms. A fire in one part of the home is a concern for everyone in the home, and will reduce the risk of injury or death to everyone within the household.

THE FUTURE: Hard-wired fire alarms are increasingly being required by local code for newly constructed homes. Installing a hard-wired fire alarm in your home will ensure you are code compliant if you ever with to put it on the market for sale.


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