Empowering Youth in Our Community

electricians at community outreach

Our team had an incredible opportunity to work with members at the Boys and Girls Club Bremerton branch this month! We feel it is important for youth to know that there are multiple career paths available to them when they are out of school, especially in trade skills. Our outreach program included two of our apprentices, Austin and Veronica, who went out to the club and provided a step-by-step training activity that taught the members how to create a working outlet box.

The members at the teen center were incredibly engaged, and enjoyed working with all of the tools of the trade. Austin and Veronica taught the members the differences between the wires, how to feed them into a box, how to staple them to code on a 2×4, how to strip wires, and how to attach them to the duplex receptacle outlet. This hands-on activity gave them a great introduction to what it is like being an Electrician.

Electricians at Boys and Girls Club Community outreach teaching electrical to teens

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