Teaching Our Youth About Electrical

teaching kids about electrical

The young minds in our vibrant community are the future of our world. Many young adults are not always exposed to the trade skills, which is one of the most vital professions in our world. A trade skill is a important asset for people to know, and can be a great career opportunity for the younger generation. Our team at Nexus Electric went out to the Boys and Girls Club in North Mason to expose their members to the Electrical trade profession. Veronica and Austin, our electrical trainees, implemented an activity that offered a hands-on experience for the club members to explore the mysteries of electricity. Our team divided the members so that they could teach them more one-on-one on how to build a fully-operational electrical outlet. Once the boxes were completed, the Nexus staff members took their team to an outlet, which they hooked up to each box and tested their operation.

In addition to building the outlets, our staff guided the members on the ins and outs of electrical wires and the tools they were using. This education is an important piece of the activity, so that the members were able to fully comprehend each stage of the building process. To keep it light and engaging, Austin and Veronica also offered a sweet Gatorade reward when members completed their boxes or answered questions about electrical. We look forward to providing the continued support to youth within our community to help keep the electrical trade alive and fun.

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