What Causes a Power Outage?

Power outages are commonly attributed to poor weather conditions or incidents such as tornadoes, strong winds, snowstorms, etc. However, there is another common contributing factor to these outages: wildlife.

Curious creatures in the wild are intrigued by the humming of electrical units or the warmth of the equipment and can often cause substantial damage when this curiosity gets the best of them. The damage can sometimes cause power outages. As a solution to reduce animal interference, several utility companies implement measures that keep animals from electrocuting themselves, such as installation of disks around the insulators. This installation keeps critters from touching the grounding part of the electrical grid, minimizing their chances of getting injured and causing an outage

It is impossible to predict when animal curiosity might create an outage in your area, which can lead to significant inconveniences, safety concerns or even financial loss for businesses. Being prepared in advance with an on-demand generator keeps your essential electronics powered and protected during a blackout. Not only will a generator keep your security systems and alarms powered, but it will also reduce the risk of damage to your electronic devices. Power surges or sudden outages can sometimes cause significant damage to sensitive electronics.

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